Delivering digital data to drive local business

The majority of retail businesses are still lacking an understanding of what drives their sales. What type of audience passes by a local store at what time of day? When marketing campaign could lead to potential higher sales in-store? Data insights are necessary in order to optimize product presentation, advertising and the supply chain.

Detailed Audience Profiling

Accurate footfall data and detailed mobile audience insights can give you the understanding of who your customers are, how to impress them and how to increase marketing ROI.

Real-Time Data

GeoCTRL empowers marketers to make quick decisions and adapt to any market changes by delivering real-time insights of customers footfall, their dwell time, audience interests & behavior.

Speed and Simplicity

GeoCTRL simple-to-use dashboard helps easily analyze all data. Obtain deep insights of your location audience and synchronize it with your internal reporting data to drive your business performance.

GeoCTRL Footfall Sensors deliver data insights about how many people are located around the store and how many enter the store during the day.

Audience data will deliver meaningful insights about people’s interests. Thus, product offers and advertisement can be shaped according to potential customer interest.