Real Estate.

Real-time data to calculate the value of locations

Working with generic data isn’t enough when it comes to real estate valuation. Profitable locations highly depend on footfall frequency combined with a whole set of geo-location and audience data.

Performance Measurement

GeoCTRL delivers detailed information of how many people visited a store and those who passed by, as well as the number of new and regular customers.

Dynamic Pricing

Creating audience profiles around each POI helps shopping malls to rent real estate out for clients with relevant interests and dynamically change the pricing for popular locations.

Sales predictions

GeoCTRL analyzes data of POI and reveals the sequences of customers actions and behavior allowing marketers to make future sales predictions and understand the variables that affect their business.

Providing real-time footfall and audience data for locations that are  enriched with generic and third party data provides more precise evaluation opportunities for location validation.

GeoCTRL footfall sensors capture Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data inside buildings within a radius of 50 meters around a point of interest and deliver accurate measurement of footfall frequency and dwell time.