Data insights for Digital out of Home (DooH)

Knowing how frequented a location is, will allow DooH companies to better monetize their advertising locations, both analogue and digital. Audience insights such as age, gender and interest provided by real-time data will provide advertisers with new opportunities to target the right audience at the right time with the right advertising.

Unique Combination of Data

GeoCTRL Foortall Sensors allow to quantify the number of people that pass by POI over time and correlate this insights with third party data, like weather reports.

Targeted DooH Ads

Creating audience profiles around each POI helps DooH companies to sell ad inventory that relevant to their client industry.

Ads Effectiveness

GeoCTRL solutions allow to measure the effectiveness of DooH advertising to show its performance, leads and dynamically adjust campaigns.

Selling DooH ad space based on data allows companies to sell audiences effectively. Advertising inventory can be sold by location performance and relative value, depending on footfall traffic and audience groups.

Providing live data for DooH advertisers will allow better, engaging advertising according to the actual audience (e.g. gender/age) and situation (weather, season) for every single location.