Real-Time audience data for physical locations

We provide businesses with real-time audience information in order to generate more insights on traffic around brick and mortar businesses. Based on a combination of proprietary hardware & software, GeoCTRL provides real-time data for physical retailers, the real estate industry and DooH advertisers.

Unique data insights

GeoCTRL offers a unique set of combined data insights. We collect local footfall data and enrich it with data insights on audience.

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliance of data measurement is crucial. Our platform operates cookieless since 2008 and we run ongoing audits to guarantee GDPR compliance with upcoming legal changes.

API integration

Integrate your own systems for data analytics with our tools to make the most out of your own and external data.

Hardware sensors to track local footfall

GeoCTRL Footfall Sensors provide footfall tracking inside and around a store or around a defined Point of Interest (PoI). We use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, that will deliver information on how many people are located in a radius of 50 meters around the specified location.

Analyzing local audience

GeoCTRL Audience will tell you what your potential customers are interested in. We use historical data in order to map users from various sources. That data is  cleaned, (cross-) validated and inferred in time and mapped to the apps. GeoCTRL audience will deliver you  deep and unique mobile audience insights from up to 5 kilometers around your location.

GeoCTRL Retina

GeoCTRL Retina closes the loop of the holistic data set by controlling digital signage. Matching the actual purchase in a location, GeoCTRL Retina allows to dynamically control digital signage based on audience  behavior in- and  around of local business.

GDPR & E-Privacy

Privacy is important to us. We take GDPR, E-Privacy  and any other upcoming legal framework seriously. We do not track, obtain  nor store any personal data. Our sensors count unique devices on specified  locations. All data is hashed on node and encrypted. We process and delete data  according to the strict terms of GDPR and  E-Privacy.



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