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We believe understanding people movement is key to building a better future. Everything that truly matters in life is connected to the physical world.

GeoCTRL acquires location signals from a variety of sources such as GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth. We extract meaningful insights by means of machine learning. Our holistic approach allows us to serve client with leading-edge solutions. We help understand what really drives physical business based on our analysis of people movement.

Boost Your Local Business Revenue

GeoCTRL Footfall sensor
Measure Location Heartbeat

Analyze location footfall, visitors movement patterns and their dwell time in and around your store

GeoCTRL Audience
Understand Your Audience

Analyze deep and unique demographic, behavioral, and geographic attributes of your audience

GeoCTRL grow your business
Grow Your Local Business

Lead new customers to your store with highly relevant geo-targeted mobile advertising

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GDPR & E-Privacy

Privacy is important to us. We take GDPR, E-Privacy and any other upcoming legal framework seriously. We do not track, obtain nor store any personal data. Our sensors count unique devices on specified locations. All data is hashed on node and encrypted. We process and delete data according to the strict terms of GDPR and E-Privacy.

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Analyze which activities bring new clients
Analyze which activities bring new clients
Understand the impact of the new normal
Understand the impact of the new normal
Optimize resource planning and save money
Optimize resource planning and save money

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